As a photographer, I am constantly captivated by the profound ability of images to communicate, transcend language barriers, and evoke emotions.

It is this inherent power of visual communication that drives my passion for photography.

In a world where words can sometimes fall short, images have the unique ability to transcend the limitations of language.

They can speak to us on a universal level, reaching deep into our souls and stirring a wide range of emotions.

My working process is based on intuition, with just basic planning (sometimes not even that).

I’m a firm believer in the power of the images opposed to the overabundance of discourse.

In an era dominated by the rapid consumption of visual content, the power of a single image to command attention and provoke thought is invaluable.

Photographs have the capacity to transcend the noise and distractions of our modern lives, capturing our attention and inviting us to pause, reflect,

and connect with the world around us.

By capturing the beauty, diversity, and complexity of our world, I aim to foster empathy, understanding, and a sense of unity.

Through the silent language of photography, I hope to contribute to a more compassionate and connected global community.


Maro Rennella (Brillo), 1976 Buenos Aires

His work has been published in major Spanish newspapers such as El Mundo, El País or Abc and digital media publications .

He collaborate with New York’s Omen magazine with the series Life around the burning ghat and Go-go Dancers. Mostly based in Spain, but a transient life devotee, from  2015 to 2018 he settled Lisbon for an artistic residence at Carpe Diem art centre.

His first work Go-go Dancers, shot in ibiza, is selected by the Pabellón 4 gallery as part of the Festival de la Luz held in Buenos Aires in 2004.

In 2009 he exhibits his Fem series in Madrid’s Rojo Máquina gallery, followed by his report on Muay thai boxing Master Boonchouy Gym in Bangkok’s Photo Gallery in 2011.

Niebla (Mist) was exhibited in Madrid’s Casa de América ,was part of Photoespaña 2015 in Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa in Lisbon, and was also showed on the CCC-Camera Oscura of Torres Vedras in 2016.

His work is part of the Collection Carpe Diem Edition Tour.

In 2019 the book ZOKOinómanos was published,  and  shrink-wrapped with Tapas Magazine april’s issue.

Last November came out the book ‘El camino del coctel’ (Penguim Random House) about Luis Inchaurraga, best Spanish bartender 2021, in which I participate as co-author with my photographs.

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