A book about walking (photobook dummy)

In the simplicity of the act of walking lies a profound liberation, a gateway to experiencing the world around us in a different light.

While walking, I become an active observer of my surroundings, and it is through my camera that I capture what gives strength and life to the path.

I’m drawn to solitary places; those that invite wandering, in those hidden corners, I find a stillness that allows me to immerse myself in my thoughts and discover beauty in simplicity. However, my focus is not solely on landscapes. Encounters with people who cross my path, also hold a central place in my photographic work. In each portrait, I seek to convey the essence of those interactions, the profound humanity that is revealed in those shared moments.

With ‘Walk’ I aim to capture the profound sense of freedom that arises when the mind, body, and the world come together through the simple act of walking.